School Law

Our attorneys help schools address constitutional questions, equal access policies, employment and labor issues, special education, open meeting laws, and more. Contact one of our School Law attorneys today for assistance.

We work with schools to ensure policies and practices conform with applicable state and federal laws. Our attorneys have experience working with schools on a variety of issues, including discipline and expulsion hearings, impartial investigations, search issues, free speech and religion, student information, equal access, and more. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

Our attorneys have experience in conducting employment investigations, conducting labor negotiations, drafting and enforcing labor contracts, advocating for schools in arbitration and at trial, and advising across a wide variety of employment-related practice areas. Contact our attorneys today regarding your labor and employment law needs.

Special education is an evolving area of law, and our attorneys are ahead of the curve. We help schools regarding student rights and discipline, IDEA claims, due process claims, OCR Investigations, and more.

Schools are generally subject to state and federal data privacy laws. We help maintain proper data classifications, conduct investigations, employ best data practices, respond to data requests, and represent schools in data-related disputes.

We advise school boards regarding structuring, rules of order and general conduct, conflicts of interest, open meeting laws, school closures, elections, and more.

School Law Attorneys

Our attorneys have experience representing school districts across a wide variety of practice areas.